Today in the city Grand Tower 22.01.2018

Brands have found a new secret weapon to hit viral gold – their lawyers

Marketers have started using legal cease-and-desist letters as viral marketing stunts. In recent months, companies such as Netflix, TGI Fridays and Bud Light have taken potential trademark infringemen...

Cities Must End The Two-Tier Approach To Housing Supply

There are not two tiers of housing, market rate and subsidized; in the end housing is housing. There is a need for subsidized housing, but as long as cities have the two tiered view, the market will f...

Galapagos Islands photo tour sails to nine islands, with pros on board

Most Galapagos Islands tours encourage participants to bring cameras. A new tour is described as an island photo adventure designed by photographers. The 11-day Galápagos Photo Safari, organized by IN...

Revenue Forecasters Say There Are Signs of Lower Growth

Economic forecasters say there are early signs that rates of growth in Maine's economy this year have proved somewhat lower than in 2016.

British Woman Sentenced in Egypt to Three Years in Jail for Smuggling Painkillers

CAIRO (Reuters) - An Egyptian court sentenced a British woman to three years in prison on Tuesday for smuggling the painkiller Tramadol into the...

Virginia Home Burns to the Ground Days Before Christmas

A family of five lost their newly renovated home in Virginia when a fire burned the structure to the ground a few days before Christmas.

Education in 2018 - Three major challenges facing America's schools and students

Three glaring problems need fixing: our underperforming K-12 schools, our politicized universities, and the enormous student debt burden.

Gourmet Sprinkles Makes Sweets And Other Treats Sparkle

Around the holidays, many bakers pay extra attention to how pretty their baked goods look. Their new secret weapon? Gourmet sprinkles.

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